5th Chakra Asanas

 Supported Fish Pose- Matsyasana

DSC_0084Wonderful and restorative, this asana, opens the heart, allowing you to release your mind and to come into a more connected state of being.

How This Asana Affects The 5th Chakra- This creates energy and flow in the fifth chakra.  It supports freedom of expression and flow creating tremendous release and bringing energy to the chakra.


  1. Using a bolster, a cushion, a bed pillow folded in half, or a rolled up blanket or towel, lay down with your spine and your head supported, your pelvis and legs will be resting on the floor
  2. DSC_0110If your lower back feels tight, place a smaller, lower pillow underneath your sit bones.
  3. Allow your arms to come down by your side, palms spread open in a gesture of receptivity. Your shoulders will be releasing towards the floor.
  4. Come out by rolling onto your side and removing the bolster.  Make any movements that feel good to you.


Laying Down On Belly- Head Hanging Over Bolster

TDSC_0110 2his posture is very comfortable and also very opening for the back of the heart and the fifth chakra.  It is very powerful, yet relaxing at the same time.

How This Asana Affects The 5th Chakra- This posture is extremely balancing for an overactive 5th chakra.  It allows any excess energy from a busy chakra to move out and creates a tremendous sense of peace and relaxation.


DSC_01071.  Start by laying on your belly.  Move up to your hands and knees and place a bolster underneath the chest perpendicular to the body.  Make sure it is comfortable and not underneath the chest.  It differs person to person but for most people it is comfortable across the shoulders and heart area.  Feel free to place a block or a pillow underneath your head as needed.

2.  When you come out take a few moments to do move- cat/cow, downward dog, and child’s pose all feel great.