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Energy and meditationNEXT SERIES BEGINNING June 11, 2015: Connecting with the Light: Experience the power of subtle energy visualization and surrender to deep, healing rest

Six 90-Minute Live Online Classes - Can Be Taken From Any Location via Your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. All six classes in the series will be recorded and made available for two weeks after each class, in case you can't participate live or want to review.

We are excited to share this powerful new session of Healing Light Yoga Therapy with you all.  This 6-week session is an invitation to explore the deep essence of your being through breath, visualization and yoga.  It is a journey into the experience of subtle energy and how it feels in your body.  It is an opportunity to work with the power of your being through visualization, as you enlighten and enliven yourself with energy.  Working with energy flows we will infuse the muscles, cells, and chakras with the healing power of consciousness.  Most of all, we will embrace the deep peace of surrender, as we open to the more subtle consciousness and let go and relax into deep rest.  It is here in the deep peace where the true depth of the practice is experienced through release, manifestation, healing and surrender.
This course is for everyone, whether you have done Healing Light Yoga or are brand new to it.  For those who have joined us in the past, this will be an important addition to the Healing Light approach.
Class Overview:
  1. Session 1: Healing Light Yoga Therapy - Core Principles Reviewed

  2. Session 2: Visualization and the Inner Light

  3. Session 3: Setting Intentions with the Healing Light

  4. Session 4: Seeing into the Body with the Healing Light

  5. Session 5: Receiving Angelic and Personal Guide Healing Light

  6. Session 6: Understanding the Power of the Healing Light Practice


More about Healing Light Yoga Therapy:

Healing Light Yoga Therapy releases Ama (toxins) on all levels of life:

  • Clears cellular memory to heal from the inside out
  • Changes energetic patterns that create imbalance in the mind and body
  • Transforms old emotional wounds to create deep inner peace
  • Restores flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease
  • Expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom

...and much, much more.

Yoga Childs Pose

We invite you to join us for this unique journey into inner exploration, self-discovery and profound transformation. Unlike any yoga class you have experienced before, these courses redefine the healing potential of yoga. Offered live online, Healing Light Yoga Therapy is an interactive learning method, with direct guidance of your personal experience of release, rebalancing, and rejuvenation. 

Appropriate for those new to yoga, seasoned yoga practitioners, yoga instructors, and those with no prior yoga experience at all. Appropriate for all fitness levels, including sedentary lifestyles.


If you are a Yoga Studio owner and would be interested in hosting a group practice, we offer incentives to facilitate this program. Please contact Sandra Dugliss for more information:



DSC_0112Join us for these life-changing 6-week courses that will redefine the way you experience yoga, and open you to your innate potential to heal from the inside out. Come learn how consciousness, intention, visualization, breath, and effortlessness can be more powerful than yoga asana alone when it comes to healing the body, mind and emotions.

Class Details:

  • Who: NO prior experience with yoga  or Healing Light Yoga Therapy is necessary. Appropriate for all fitness levels, including sedentary lifestyles.
  • When: Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30PM Eastern Time
  • Where: Live online – anywhere you have high-speed Internet access*
  • Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to access our live online classroom (Mac users must have OSX 10.8.5 or higher / PC users must have Windows 7 or higher)
  • Tuition: $108 per series (only $18/class) - Includes six interactive 90-minute classes per series, access to the class recordings for review between weeks,  handouts and introductory educational videos, and access to the participant online forum).

*All classes will be recorded and be made available for two weeks for you to review in case you cannot attend the live class.